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CV - Sparring tool

Stand out from other candidates by hundreds of unique skills found in your CV by our system

Try CV - Sparring

This how it works

Open your CV- profile

Login to your CV - profile or create one if you don't have it yet. In view mode you should see orange button " CV Sparring ". Push it to proceed further.

Search profession

Type your profession in the search line and select one of the appeared professions below.

Get suggested skills

After you selected your profession, please push button "Search suggestions of skills" and wait for 10 - 60 seconds. You will get list of different profession skills related to your profession. It is time to add couple of them to your CV!

What you will get by using the CV- sparring tool ?

AI - powered system

AI - powered system

The signature feature of MunJob's products is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Computers are way smarter that humans. They can helps us to solve a lot of modern issue and recruitment is not an exception. CV- Sparring tool powered by an AI system guarantees much higher efficiency and speed in enriching your CV with unique skills.

Time efficiency

Time efficiency

Job searching process could take hours of your personal time, but the CV - sparring tool could help you to identify your unique skills within 1 minute! Our system needs only 10-60 seconds to analyse your profession and find most suitable skills for you.

Stand out

Stand out

The perfect way to stand out from other candidates is to put the most valuable skills for your potential employers. CV - sparring will find hundreds of your potential skills. The only thing you need is your profession's title!

What is the philosophy behind CV - Sparring ?

"Employers are not looking for basic skills such as "flexible" or "responsible". They would like to enrich their team with new talents which could bring some new value to the company via unique skills. However, it is hard to find a truly unique skill by yourself. Our AI-powered system analyses your profession and suggests hundreds of unique skills for your CV. This is the best way to catch attention of your potential employer "

Janne Kyllönen

CEO & Co - Founder of MunJob

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Explore CV-Sparring yourself and let us know your feedback